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Yoga Postural Básico

Yoga + Re-education of the posture
The essence of Orient and the science of Occident

What is Basic Postural Yoga?

Basic Postural Yoga -BPY-combines the essence of Yoga with contemporary body techniques.
It aims to lead the human being to its unity body-mind-spirit through postures-asanas-, breathing awareness, relaxation and meditation practices.

Unlike a traditional practice of Yoga, BPY only works with asanas that do not contradict the anatomy and the order of the body. It is based on the principles that underlie modern Western disciplines of re-education of posture as Mézières Method, Global Postural Reeducation (RPG), Global Active Stretching (SGA), Muscle and Joint Chains Method, (GDS), Antigimnasia, Eutonia, Rolfing.

Patricia Lago, Profesora de YogaBasic Postural Yoga provides:

  • Respect for personal time
  • Respect for the anatomy
  • Simplicity
  • Administration of energy
  • Self-observation
  • Internal listening
  • Integration
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