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About breathing

Our body is a reflection of our personal history, the same applies to the act of breathing. Our respiratory muscles, which are responsible for the movements that allow the inhalation and exhalation, are subjected to the same rigidities that constrain other parts of our body.

About breathingThese retractions make us lose the natural rhythm of our breathing and take another, uncoordinated, superficial, inadequate. Somehow, without realizing we are losing vital energy, we are losing life...

The selected poses help us to liberate our breathing, giving priority to the exhalation to release the actions of the muscles.

The BPY does not contemplate specific exercises of Pranayama. Impossible to practice when natural breathing is blocked! But it aims to liberate it so that to recover our full, vital and conscious breathing.

The texts of the Yogic tradition explains that the control of breathing has a powerful effect on the mind.

"Yoga is the control of the whirls of the mind."
Yoga Sutras, chapter I, II Sutra

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